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Los Angeles & Orange County Wedding DJ - Bob Ricci
Master of Ceremonies


Centerstage Productions
5829 Primrose Ave.
Temple City, CA 91780



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"Dear Bob,

Well, the wedding is all done and thanks to you we have great memories. Our CD is great. We listen to it all of the time. We were watching the wedding video this weekend and both my family and Johnny's couldn't stop raving about what a great job you did. And I couldn't either! Thank you so much for all of your talent, professionalism and organization! I have given Brides your number so hopefully they will call you. Many thanks!


Johnny & Shannon Zaragoza"
November 2002


"Hi Bob. I was just looking through my pictures and I remembered that I needed to thank you again for such a wonderful job. You were awesome. I can't tell you how much fun we had at our wedding reception in Pasadena, and when it comes down to it, it was because of you! You are very good at what you do. If anybody ever wants a reference for their wedding (I'm not really sure how that works), let me know and I would be happy to give you a glowing one. I have to admit, I balked when we tacked on those extra hours and our bill went up slightly - but you worked with us and were worth every penny and more!"

Mary and David - September 2000 Wedding

"Dear Bob, I just want to thank you for the incredible job that you did at my wedding reception on September 23, 2000. You totally changed my view of what amazing things a DJ can do to a party. I had on my mind from the beginning of my wedding plans till the beginning of the reception that my guests were not the party type and that the music was there just to fill up the room with noises other than people talking. Now I know better, and definitely see how important picking a good DJ is essential to a great wedding reception. Centerstage Productions really took care of my entertainment needs at my wedding. From sitting down and going through the whole event with us, to playing great music, you were the reason we saw our parents dance for the first time in public! This memory was the best wedding gift we could possibly get for our wedding. Thank You!"

Alice & David Wu - Arcadia, CA - September 2000

"Your creative insertions of music made the difference -- thanks to you, our event was the best ever. You added humor, sincerity and interest -- plus more. I cannot say enough good things about your performance. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

Joan Whitenack - Foothill Unity Center, Monrovia, CA - June 2000

"Overall, I'm sold on your services because of your courtesy and professionalism, not your price. I like working with people who take their job seriously and act professional, as well as have a genuine personality. There is already way too much stress involved in planning a wedding, and my way of getting thru it is being able to laugh and enjoy the people I'm working with, not worry about them and the quality of their services. I believe I can trust you and your company..."

Wendy Solana - Arcadia, CA - June 2000 Wedding Client

"Thank you for helping us have a wonderful reception. Our guests had a very nice time and your entertainment during our delay for photo's was great. You are the absolute best DJ we've ever seen! After our father hired a lousy DJ for my brothers wedding he was really hesitant to do it again - you really showed that there is a difference. Much luck and success to you."

Carol & Todd - San Dimas Wedding 2000

"Where can we begin to thank you for such a wonderful wedding reception. We trusted you from the very start and we're so happy that we did. Our friends are still talking about what a great time they had. Our parents and their friends really appreciated the way you played music that they could dance to. We would have gladly paid you more if we had known just how special you would make our day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Linda & Mark Johnson - San Clemente Wedding 2001


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